About us

About us

Information technology has profound effects on the way people live, communicate and how a society operates. That great change is happening every day, every hour right in the country of Vietnam. We hope that through information technology products, we will make a small contribution to bringing a better quality of life for the people

Our services

With expertise in software and hardware product development, SITECH is capable of developing IT products based on ideas provided by customers


Established from the enthusiasm of domestic and foreign IT experts, SITECH is a pioneer in implementing smart urban solutions with Vietnamese technology. We are particularly strong in the application of automation solutions, using sensors to collect data and intelligent data analysis

SITECH brings Vietnamese technology to Vietnamese life


SITECH wants to become the leading manufacturer of monitoring systems in Vietnam, bringing satisfaction to customers when using high-end technology products created by Vietnamese people, to the country to achieve the goal. Industrialization Modernization 4.0.

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